Date: 29/11/2021
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Creating the Right Ambiance with Lighting

Lighting plays a key role in setting the right ambiance for your business or home. If you have the incorrect lighting, it can prevent the effectiveness of other elements you’re using to make the environment enjoyable.

The first step is creating layers of lights with ambient, accent, and task lighting. Ambient lighting provides a room with overall illumination which includes recessed lighting, chandeliers, and pendants.  Accent lighting, on the other hand, is the more decorative fixtures like wall sconces and shelf lighting. It adds drama to a room by creating visual interest. Task lighting includes table/floor lamps and under-cabinet lighting to finish the arrangement.  When you have different lighting options, you can create the type of atmosphere you want.  

When designing an area to fit a specific vibe, determining the right color temperature is essential.  Lighting that tends to appear warm and yellow will feel more inviting and comforting than cooler, blue lighting.  Cool lighting, can make you feel more alert and contribute to a more modern atmosphere. The color temperature of the light you choose sends a message to customers about how they should feel about your brand.

Having dimming capabilities is a vital component, as well. Dimmers are a great way to cast just the right amount of light.  Dramatic or subtle, bright or soft, it plays a strong supporting role in creating a brand or mood.  There are even some dimmers that become warmer as they dim.

Creating a memorable experience is all about setting the right ambiance and that starts with implementing the right lighting design and solutions.



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