Date: 29/11/2021
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Blinded By The Light

Running errands the other day, I stopped by a hardware store.  These sconces caught my eye as I made my way into the building.  Can you tell why? 

One obvious detail is the color of the light being emitted from each fixture differs completely without rhyme or reason. Some lights have a higher color temperature while others are lower. As you can see, the variance between higher and lower temperatures; the bluish white to deep yellow lights grab negative attention.  Color temperature contributes to the vibe that is conveyed to customers.   Because of the jump from one color to the next, I can assume bulbs were selected without consideration for the appearance but rather convenience.

Shame #2 stems from these lights being on in the middle of the day.  The sun is more than enough light to illuminate the sidewalk entering the building.  More than likely, the lights must be manually turned off; however, someone forgot. Leaving unnecessary fixtures on during the day creates a long-term effect of higher maintenance costs and higher electrical bills, especially for commercial buildings and hotels. 


Disclaimer:  the principle objective is to educate with only a dash of shame.  Every effort has been made to keep shamed parties anonymous.  

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