Date: 29/11/2021
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Product Tuesday: EcoSense TROV

The EcoSense TROV is a linear LED lighting platform designed for the needs of the lighting design community.  It provides a solution for cove lighting, wall grazing, wall washing, line of light accents, and uniform asymmetric lighting. 

TROV has interior and exterior options with a flicker-free dim to zero technology.  With the exclusive “Flip to Flat” hinge design, it allows vertical aiming from 0-180 degrees and a compact profile measuring in at 1.38” high.  It has a broad range of CCTs, which includes 2200K and 2500K color temperatures along with high CRI (Color Rendering Index) options.

This technology was conceived to meet the most challenging design applications. With over 20,000 product variations, it adapts to any environment giving designers more freedom and choice in their work.

Find out more about this product at EcoSense TROV.



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