Date: 29/11/2021
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International Day of Happiness

Today is the International Day of Happiness! This day has been widely celebrated since 2013. It began as a way to recognize the importance of happiness in the lives of the people around the world. 

After reading that today was the International Day of Happiness, we started thinking about what makes us happy on a daily basis and what makes other people happy. What makes you happy? Really think about it. Some people say that one way to feel more grateful on a day to day basis is to write daily lists about what you are thankful for. 

One commonality between many of our team members here at Valet Energy is our passion for sports and physical fitness. Many of our team members were athletes in college and many of us still enjoy physical fitness on a daily basis as a way to stay in shape, spend time with family and friends and relieve stress. 

It doesn't come as a surprise that when selecting a hotel when traveling for either work or for leisure, we usually take a look at the gym facility on the hotel website to make sure it well-equipped for our gym needs.

The fitness center at one of our latest projects, the Hilton Franklin Cool Springs, looks phenomenal! Not only is the facility well-stocked with any sort of gear and equipment you may need, but the lighting in the fitness center looks amazing. The lighting is bright enough that you can see your form in the mirrors without much of a glare but not too bright that it blocks the view of the pool that sits outside the floor to ceiling windows the cardio equipment faces. This gym is sure to please just about any guest that visits!

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