Efficient and Cost-Effective Lighting Solutions

Lighting, which represents up to 37% of a building's energy usage, is one of the lowest-risk, most costeffective areas to reduce operating costs.

A well-executed LED upgrade can reduce lighting energy consumption up to 60% (80% with controls), lower HVAC loads and maintenance costs, and improve work space productivity, safety, and security. Our solutions are designed to improve the bottom line.  

Overview of Impacts


LED lighting systems reduce energy consumption while improving the quality of the visual environment.  Also, the controllability of LEDs represents an unparalleled opportunity for convenience, customization, and further energy and maintenance reductions.     


Outdated lighting technologies radiate heat throughout buildings, which increases cooling loads and utility costs. The latest lighting technologies radiate little to no heat into the workspace, which equates to lighter cooling loads and energy savings.


The costs associated with a lamp burnout are equipment replacement, and maintenance labor for troubleshooting and installation. If the luminaire is inconveniently located, these costs are magnified. LEDs last up to 3 times longer than Fluorescent/Metal Halide lamps and up to 60 times longer than incandescent, drastically reducing lamp and ballast maintenance costs. With strategically commissioned controls, the differences in lamp life can be even greater.

Work Space Productivity/Safety/Security

Studies suggest high quality lighting systems create a more productive environment that increases employee productivity up to 25%. In applications where safety is a concern, high performance lighting systems can improve visual acuity and offer increased reliability, creating to a safer working environment.  Owing to the controllability of LEDs, creative and effective security measures may be implemented.


Challenges associated with funding all too often quell energy efficiency projects. Our flexible financing programs can fund the entire project, and represent an opportunity to unlock positive cash flow immediately. Many of our products are Design Lights Consortium (DLC) and Energy Star qualified, so project costs and payback times may be reduced through utility incentive and rebate programs.


Energy demands are forecasted to double, yet experts suggest GHG emissions must be cut in half to avoid dramatic climate change. Lighting solutions can reduce energy consumption by thousands of kWh per year, which means fewer emissions and smaller carbon footprints for businesses; the cleanest energy unit is one not used at all.